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Gasgano Podracer

Today in reference of upcoming Star Wars episode IX trailer I decided to go back in time and as a huge fan of the series, I created Gasgano podracer from episode I.

I know that the pilot isn't there, but it will be in the future (need to do some sculpting) - I'll update this project, so please don't be raged! :).

High poly and low-mid poly mesh and rendering in Blender 2.79.
Texturing and materials in Substance Painter/ Designer.
Cliffs and sand material from Substance Share.

Ewa wierbik scene
Ewa wierbik scene2 edit

As I liked the Boonta Classic track, I decided to recreate overall look of it.

Ewa wierbik 1
Ewa wierbik 2
Ewa wierbik 4
Ewa wierbik ao


Ewa wierbik 5
Ewa wierbik 3